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cerebral palsy

As a father-to-be, I had to adapt with every new challenge to support my wife and child.
Most dads don’t give carrying their kids this much thought and effort. But I have cerebral palsy.
For half a century, a drug called metformin has been making life better for people suffering from Type II diabetes. Now, Canadian researchers are finding that it could also offer remarkable benefits for something completely different. There is evidence that metformin can help an injured brain repair itself.
"This should not have happened… ever! To him or any other student.”
No matter how successful we are in life, when you take away all the awards, recognition, money, or even fame, what makes us equals is that first five seconds you get when shaking someone's hand. So, the next time you go to extend your hand to someone else's, make it count.
"This is the time when those devices that were fiction are now becoming real."
A child with cerebral palsy, for examples, needs hundreds of pieces of equipment not covered by health care programs.
There are simply not enough hours in the day for parents of children with developmental challenges to manage the complicated care needs of their sons and daughters. There are a number of ways in which "the system" can work well to support better outcomes for families dealing with developmental challenges.