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Can you imagine a leader of one of Canada's main federalist parties supporting laws which give rights to members of one group while denying those same rights to others? I can't. What makes Justin Trudeau unfit to lead the Liberal Party of Canada and the country is his support of segregation.
Seventeen year old "G" and his cousins were walking down a street in the Montreal suburb of St. Leonard one evening last week. They were talking in English. They came upon a young adult male who took offence, saying "you are not allowed to speak English here." G was then punched in the face. Twice. It shouldn't surprise us when citizen vigilantes such as the one G met on the streets, take it upon themselves to enforce the "common language" credo using the law as justification. I don't want to continue living in a country that enables a law on any part of its territory that favours one ethnic group over all others.