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The company has donated millions to anti-LGBT organizations in the past.
The American fast-food chain has repeatedly opposed LGBTQ rights.
Critics have boycotted the fried-chicken chain over its stance on gay marriage.
A U.S. fast food chain known for its openly anti-gay stance has quietly opened up shop in Canada. Atlanta-based Chick-fil
Businesses need to be specific in how they deal with ethical issues, but at the same time, cut-and-paste methods that focus solely on legal compliance are not enough -- "we follow laws" is the bare minimum. And for all of us who are in it for the long-haul: good ethics is good business. Period.
On Friday, the puppet poultry establishment, Chick-fil-a, released another statement opposing same-sex marriage, this one printed on Mike Huckabee's website. Honestly... you're a chicken store. You sell undercooked squawk. Nobody cares what you think about gay marriage so stop shoving it down our throats.