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child abuse

It's a “disturbing trend."
Families of a certain social status are often less 'policed.'
Before the attempt, he had asked the judge for five minutes alone with Nassar.
“I’ve just signed your death warrant,” the judge said.
From the age of seven, dark clouds would follow me around. A haunting nightmare that would leave my eyes soaked in tears. Although closing my eyes was frightening, keeping them open was another battle. I would desperately try to hold onto any shred of reality as if I was drowning and gasping for air.
The Liberal Party campaigned on the promise that if elected, they would enact a federal children's commissioner. A year and half into the government's mandate, there has been no public announcement about the appointment process.
Nine people have been charged.
Such deeply alarming and disturbing statistics reveal a magnitude of problems that affect a large portion of Canada's youngest citizens. But these are more than numbers. They represent children who each have a name, and whose lives and futures are diminished each day by preventable causes.