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Child care

Quality daycare needs to be part of Canada's economic infrastructure.
Five day camps were set up in low-income areas across the GTA.
Many American mothers can't afford child care, either.
The price varies from province to province, but there's one common factor: demand is greater than the supply.
Here are some of the policy proposals that will have an affect on families
Parties are making direct appeals to voters with kids.
"People like Doug Ford, who say they are for the people, actually end up delivering cuts."
It is a juggling act that we are still perfecting — there are still very hard days and moments.
You probably have some questions ... like why is it only for preschool?
The gender wage gap is a product of many phenomena, and pay equity alone cannot alleviate all those differences.
"Sometimes there is a blurry boundary between what nannies provide and our roles and responsibilities as parents."
Summertime brings its own set of additional pressures that make life that much harder for families who are having a tough time making ends meet.
There is a child-care crisis for parents across the country. Parents are on edge trying to find quality child-care spots. It takes months to secure a place because of the inefficient management of wait lists. And some people want to limit support only to non-profit and public agency child care?
As a parent in Toronto, I honestly find it a welcome development that the Ontario government is committing $200 million to create child-care spaces in its budget. Really refreshing. But it's hardly a solution to the child-care crisis that has given parents of young children additional sleepless nights.
The federal budget has emphasized on skills training and job creation. It has also focused on being gender-based and puts
John Horgan and the B.C. NDP's proposal for universal $10-a-day child care is sensible, fully costed and will provide immediate relief for parents. We also know that providing quality early learning experiences for our children has incredible benefits to them, the school system and communities.
Dozens of daycares in Quebec are being encouraged to allow children to roughhouse, rather than break it up. I was alarmed. Don't get me wrong: I'm all for roughhousing. I know that roughhousing is teaching my sons important life lessons. But those are places where kids should learn to resolve their conflicts with words, not fists.
Thanks to the federal budget presented by Finance Minister Bill Morneau, we saw not the self-described feminist, environmentalist, progressive Justin T, but the reigning prime minister of austerity and broken promises. Clearly, "sunny ways" for the "middle class" are no longer part of his weather forecast.
The new federal budget is high on symbolism, and low on details and money. All that said, it is all too easy to criticize a budget. An important thing worth noting is the general direction the 2017 budget shows. The government is headed in the right direction, it just might take longer to get there.
The Liberal Party campaigned on the promise that if elected, they would enact a federal children's commissioner. A year and half into the government's mandate, there has been no public announcement about the appointment process.