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Child Literacy

To kids, summer break is a fun-filled respite from the gruelling demands of teachers and their dreaded homework. But to parents
Take a quick trip down memory lane — or a quick browse through memory’s book shelf — and pick out your favourite children’s
If your kids are voracious readers, you know you have to provide a steady flow of new books to satisfy their appetites. Thousands
Reading is one of the most rewarding skills a child can learn. It becomes the base for all of their learning and it is also
If you're shopping for books for children, it's tempting to buy the classics (Peter Rabbit, anyone?) because you know they'll
Your kids are finally excited about reading, which is amazing. There’s just one problem: they want you to read them their
There are so many important reasons why your child should become an avid reader, but the real question is: When reading seems
Autumn is here and the kids are back in school. It’s the perfect time to get them excited about reading, after a summer that
Kids can be creatures of habit. Much like how they can watch the same movie over and over, some kids will stick to one author
The time you spend cuddling with your kids, watching them become engrossed in a story told to them from your own lips, is