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Mere hours before the New York Times went to press with its look at the B.C. Liberal party's ethical scorecard, the party chose to get its 2016 fundraising results out ahead of the storm. One last chance at political counter-spin and what a marvel of spin it was. U.S. Republican party strategist Karl Rove would have been proud.
As far as Wilson is concerned, this is a media "manufactured fantasy."
Rich people humour.
Chip Wilson’s first eureka moment came in a yoga class in 1997. Having grown up “socially inept,” he says, he had always
Nine of British Columbia's top 10 priciest properties are in Vancouver, but two northwestern communities saw the biggest
As works of art go, Chip Wilson’s seawall is again a blank canvas. Mostly blank, anyway, other than someone’s political message
And Vancouver artist Colin Moore was commissioned to create five limited-edition tops reflecting the city's neighbourhoods
Vancouver architects Clinton Cuddington and Piers Cunnington are getting a lot of attention for a house they didn't design
Chip Wilson has averted war with Lululemon after agreeing to sell half of his 27 per cent stake in the company to a private
Like Us On Facebook The son and wife of Lululemon founder Chip Wilson have launched their own clothing line of street wear
Chip Wilson may have lost his first battle with the board of Lululemon, the company he founded, but it looks like the war
Lululemon founder Chip Wilson’s brief gig appearing on lists of Canada’s richest people came to an end this year, and that
Halifax or Vancouver? Ask most folk which city boasts the higher median family income and chances are they'll say Vancouver. They couldn't be more wrong.
When Lululemon thumbed its nose at empathy by blaming women's thighs for its own mistakes, customers started saying in droves "You don't actually get me at all." It is like discovering your spouse has an alternate personality that you don't recognize. Where did Lululemon go wrong? In our view, two places.
A former Lululemon sales associate has written a tell-all article for Salon about the corporate culture inside the famous
Women are starting to protest Photoshop in magazines, impossible beauty standards from the fashion industry, and messaging from marketers that we ought to hate ourselves for who we are.
A lot of people will directly correlate Chip Wilson's decision to stand down as Lululemon Non-Executive Chairman to comments he made in November, when he redirected a question about the quality of the fabric of the company's pants, suggesting that they may not be appropriate for all women's body types. His resignation will be called a necessity, a firing, and a forced move. This is an over-simplified view of what is really happening at Lululemon.
The retailer (Nasdaq:LULU) reported Thursday improved third-quarter earnings compared with a year ago, but warned that its
Lululemon’s many blunders are surely enough to make any PR pro sweat. This year alone, the company has been plagued by its
Chip Wilson is out, Laurent Potdevin is in at Lululemon. Potdevin, who most recently served as president of TOMS shoes, has