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chris alexander

Some seemed to tell delegates they have no chance of winning.
"It could be time to put aside our desire to continuously be on the stage."
And he gave Chris Alexander a piece of his mind, too.
The world is changing rapidly. We have witnessed the success of the Brexit campaign in the UK, and the victory of Donald Trump in the U.S. Amid the social and political turmoil, some political groups and social movements are emerging to exploit this climate of tension and fear and make political and financial gains out of it. Canada has not been immune of this.
Chris Alexander's role at an Edmonton rally comes under fire.
Canada is not in the same situation as the U.S., said Chris Alexander.
Regrets, he has a few.
Refugees policy, 'barbaric cultural practices' tip line part of his legacy.
The outgoing immigration minister also says Liberals stooped low to win.