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Chris hadfield Photos

Canadian spaceman Chris Hadfield has a new book coming out. Around 150 photos — which he hasn't shared on social media — are
Cmdr. Chris Hadfield has already been recognized for his skills as an astronaut and a musician. But now he's being commended
That's not Photoshop. Hadfield got in the make-up chair for the cover shoot. Two Words: Space Burrito He's An Inspiration
Chris Hadfield became a terrestrial superstar by crooning David Bowie's "Space Oddity" while in space. Now that he's back
Chris Hadfield may have returned to Earth and retired his spacesuit but that doesn't mean Canada's most famous astronaut
A report claiming astronaut Chris Hadfield used a ghostwriter for his massively popular Twitter account is “utter BS,” the
Is there anything more Canadian than Chris Hadfield and Ed Robertson serenading Ottawa on Canada Day? The beloved Canadian
Ground control to major Tom, take your protein pills and put your t-shirt on. Thanks to funky t-shirt makers Human, you can
Chris Hadfield has tirelessly kept us humble Earthlings up to speed on his mission aboard the International Space Station
Canada's Chris Hadfield, who is set to return to Earth on Monday, decided that singing David Bowie's classic "Space Oddity