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christmas traditions

It's an hour away from Toronto (by car, not sleigh ride).
Growing up, little did I know the cult classic film is a national tradition in my parents' home country.
From the Nutcracker to callaloo to Justin Bieber to the Grinch.
The Royal Family's holiday traditions stem from their German heritage.
If you're in the business of making memories, that is.
Going through cancer treatment during the holidays can completely change your perspective during what should be one of the happiest times of the year. Patients and families struggle with how they can celebrate when they or someone close to them is coping with cancer.
We bet your family's holiday traditions aren't as quirky as these.
I can still remember my first real Christmas. I was in fourth grade and came home from school carrying a construction-paper garland that I made in class for my Christmas tree. There was just one problem, I didn't have a Christmas tree. My thought a tree was a waste of money, and besides, we were Hindus.
In 2013, when the Philippines was hit by Typhoon Haiyan, thousands of people were made homeless and to this date, still can't celebrate Christmas like they used to. But despite poverty and hard times, Filipinos always find a way to give gifts and celebrate. Many charities, like World Vision, continue to work with the people in the country to rehabilitate and rebuild.