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Chrystia Freeland Toronto Centre

The Toronto Centre nomination for the right to replace Bob Rae as a Liberal MP comes to an end this coming Sunday at a downtown public library. In the spirited nomination battle are three vastly different candidates vying to win the nomination. These candidates include the great community activist Todd Ross, the vibrant Diana Burke and the well accomplished Chrystia Freeland.
What led an overzealous journalist to take Diana Burke's comments a few days ago out of context and write a negative headline? Maybe it sold some papers, or maybe it just generated some traffic to a website to keep advertisers happy, I don't know what motivated it. The second part of Ms. Burke's comments never made the story of course, because that wouldn't be entertaining.
Chrystia Freeland is savvy and her capacity to build connection with community will be exceptional. It's an easy choice to endorse her formally and to lend full support to Justin Trudeau. I want to rid Canada of Harper. I am voting for Freeland and I think you should too.
The vacancy in Toronto Centre started a countdown for a permanent answer on the elephant in the room question. Would we return to active duty in elected life? In 2013 the only energy I can muster for politics is to help push and shove my leader forward. Forward to rid our country of a government that has a very different view of Canada than mine. I won't be a candidate now. I won't be contesting a riding in the 2015 general election or any other. I will, as always, be an active Liberal volunteer and I look forward to knocking on doors in Toronto Centre whenever the by election comes.