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The Canadian company is suing Cineworld for backing out of a deal.
Yes, there will still be popcorn. No, there won't be packed auditoriums.
The company plans to rehire when the crisis passes, but for now, it's layoffs and pay cuts.
Time's up for the man who guided Canadians through TimePlay.
In the U.S., where gun violence is much more common, the military has warned of a possible mass shooting.
Filmmakers had initially stated the movie would get a "major Canadian release."
A proposed agency tasked with censoring piracy websites would have no judicial oversight, a critic warns.
And what a terrible movie year in which to spend that money.
At least in part.
Barco Escape, in partnership with Cineplex Entertainment, is hoping to offer viewers a more dynamic movie experience in Canada with panoramic screens. I got the scoop on this new technology and offer thoughts on whether you should try seeing the latest blockbuster flicks with it yourself.