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How is it that our stock markets and house prices look like this is the best of times?
But the weakness in the rental market risks infecting the housing market.
Too bad it comes at a time of monumental uncertainty.
Canada could see a rush of new home purchases before the new insurance rules take effect on July 1.
The mortgage insurer's predictions would look far less alarming if it used the same measure of house prices as other forecasts.
"We are concerned that some damage may already have been done."
House prices are set to fall by up to 18% over the next year, CMHC predicts.
CMHC's program to help first-time buyers has seen little interest.
The slowdown seems to be over.
The plan was announced in Richmond Hill, where just six per cent of homes for sale would qualify.
Even in B.C.'s quiet housing market, there is plenty of underlying demand, BMO says.
A similar program in Britain has been called "a subsidy for a housing bubble, benefiting property developers and existing homeowners."
Expect sales to slump this spring as buyers wait for help in the fall.
New homes may not be keeping up with Canada's record-setting population growth.
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. wants better income checks to prevent mortgage fraud.
"Housing affordability has become a serious problem in our major cities."
Many places in and around Toronto and Vancouver have crisis-level vacancy rates.
Budget 2017 proposes to invest more than $11.2 billion over 11 years in a variety of initiatives designed to build, renew and repair Canada's stock of affordable housing, and help ensure that Canadians have affordable housing that meets their needs. But so far it fails to address key market-related issues - again.