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It's important to deal with them smartly — and professionally — if you want to stay afloat.
We're not always going to like all of our coworkers (and not everyone is going to like you), but there are steps you can take to ensure you maintain a productive and civil relationship with everyone, even that person with the inappropriate jokes about his mother-in-law, or the one that rambles on about his daughter's time at tuba camp.
It's a sticky situation for many couples -- how do you pick and choose between co-workers for your wedding guest list? And what's the etiquette around inviting colleagues to your big day?
When we realize that such a large portion of our time is actually spent at work, one would think we would be motivated to make this time as pleasant as possible. However, many of us know that this is not always the case. Most people have some sort of war stories from work that involve a difficult coworker or boss who seems bent on making our lives miserable.
People who are being harassed by toxic co-workers are an unrecognized cause of lowered productivity in the workplace. Even a well-adjusted, reasonably content, highly productive person who's forced to work, day after day, with a toxic colleague could find that they're not functioning at their usual level.
Anyone who works with other people has had to deal with a difficult co-worker at some point in their career. Whether it's the office brown-noser; the office gossip; the person who steals your ideas and claims them as their own; or the jealous and competitive colleague who tries to sabotage your success -- the most important thing to realize when dealing with people like this is that it's not about you.
The scary fact is that any of these bad career moves can be really easy to do in a moment of thoughtlessness. And they can all damage your professional reputation in ways that put your current job at risk and make finding future employment that much harder. The good news is that they can be avoided by taking a moment to think strategically before you act.
Every Monday, it's always the same. You ask, "How are you?" and they invariably reply, "Like a Monday." And every Monday
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If you log a typical eight or nine hour workday, you likely spend more time with colleagues than friends -- all the more reason to inject some kindness into these business relationships. Regardless of whether it it is your first week or fifth year, inspire kindness among your colleagues with these tips.