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competition bureau

The Competition Bureau has the opportunity to change the rules ahead of a major airline merger. Will it take it?
Major competitors are against the idea of being forced to lease their networks in a bid to reduce prices for consumers.
The Toronto Real Estate Board has been fighting the change for seven years.
"Consumers must have confidence that advertised prices are the ones they will pay.”
Reporting on condo-flipping in Canada can land you a lawsuit threat from the real estate business.
As a personal finance expert I know how important security is. You can spend years saving wisely, only to be duped by a savvy fraudster. Read about all of that in the Little Book of Scams provided by the government of Canada. It outlines all the latest ways fraudsters are trying to get their hands on your information.
Hang up if you receive any threats.
The United States and Canada do not allow for full competition, but Americans benefit from a bigger market given their much larger population. Thus, a continental market in airline travel would serve passengers if an American airline could compete head-to-head with Canadian airlines on domestic routes. But the federal government won't allow it. The result? Higher airline fares in Canada.