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Condo board policies vary but there are some basic changes you should expect to see.
Practicing a minimalist lifestyle in a two-bedroom condo has brought us closer together.
It even has a $12,000 monthly maintenance fee.
Living in 400 square feet or less? Turn your micro condo into a functional and cozy living space.
As condo ownership becomes more common, buyers will become more savvy about what makes a unit or a building stand out.
Some mall owners are betting they can make more money with residential space than retail.
Buyers flock to inexpensive new low-rise subdivisions far from employment centres — here's how cities could keep them local.
It makes me angry because it means I have little control over protecting my clients.
More condo builders are coming up to speed in catering to this growing demand.
I'll admit it, several years ago I had a very poor opinion of the CityPlace neighbourhood in Toronto. Back then, this neighbourhood of tall condo buildings built around Fort York Blvd and Spadina Ave was a huge construction site. It was dirty, the buildings were all under a constant state of repair, and there were no amenities nearby. Then in 2013, when Fort York Blvd opened through Bathurst St, things began to change.