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If you can make more selling than renting, you will probably sell.
The debate over whether Toronto is building too many condos continues unabated, but one thing is certain: The massive wave
BuzzBuzzHome: Strollers aren’t just a common site in the suburbs where single-family houses abound. A growing amount of Toronto
New York City now has more multi-family units under construction than any city in North America, bringing Toronto’s reign
Luminous and slick house in affluent Willowdale Most of the rooms, even the walk-in closet, benefit from luminous skylights
Upgrading to house in the suburbs becoming less realistic Condo-house price gap likely to get much bigger as population ages
BuzzBuzzHome: The flocks of construction cranes crowding Toronto’s skyline won’t be going away any time soon. In late August
The news earlier this summer that a New York City condo building is planning to install a “poor door” — a separate entrance
Burano & Murano Four Seasons Hotel & Private Residences and The Florian Bay Adelaide Centre and Trump International Hotel
BuzzBuzzHome: The construction crane may as well be the de facto symbol of Toronto, with new buildings going up in just about
Is Toronto’s long-running housing market juggernaut coming to an end, at long last? Yes and no, says a new report from TD
There are too many condos being built in Canada and the result will be a slightly weaker rental market and trouble for some
Toronto has nearly 50 per cent more high-rises under construction than New York City, according to a new analysis from construction
The U.S. government shutdown has had an interesting side effect for Canada: It has held out the promise of lower mortgage
As many of you will have experienced, travel gives us a different perspective on our home towns. Home is still very much "home"... the place I'm always glad to return to after journeying elsewhere, whether it's for business or pleasure. But spending time in other places also enables me to see Toronto with fresh eyes.
Toronto's long heated condo market is slowing down, so much so that a well-known housing market analyst recently described