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conservative leadership

These political analysts tell it like it is.
Career politicians who have never worked in the private sector tend to see the world only through the lens of politics and are disconnected from the priorities of ordinary citizens. On the other hand, someone who wants to become prime minister must have the ability to govern and know the workings of our institutions if he is to succeed.
"Fresh and wholesome, just like the Conservative Party of Canada."
Deepak Obhrai says he's "outraged" by the message Leitch is putting forward.
Lisa Raitt is still learning French, but says she's ready to be Tory leader.
“I create my own script, which is why I am here for 20 years and the others have gone."
Canada is not in the same situation as the U.S., said Chris Alexander.
First a Pokemon joke, now this.
The mistake during last year's election campaign though, which everyone now recognizes, was to focus our message on identity issues like this one and the misguided barbaric practices snitch line proposal, instead of running on our excellent economic record. Yes, Canadians care about shared values and about these issues. But I would argue that they care a lot more about issues that impact their standard of living and quality of life. They care about whether our economy is strong enough to provide job opportunities. They care about having to pay twice as much as Americans for basic food like milk, eggs, butter and chicken.
In our country, a woman is murdered by her intimate partner every six days. Indigenous women are killed at a rate six times greater than non-indigenous women. About every two days, a gay person becomes the victim of a hate crime. To Leitch, this is trivial -- at least as long as there are "other" people to demonize.