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conservative party of

The Ontario Progressive Conservative Party should take its own advice and heed science, recognizing gender identity as science has for decades.
Canada should come together and with one clear voice to reject the politics of purity that have gained a significant foothold in Andrew Scheer's party.
Ford's comments on abortion represent nothing less than an attack on the fundamental right to choice and self-determination.
Doug Ford's campaign for premier evokes the same underlying logic used by his brother, Rob Ford, as mayor.
The province-wide shellacking sustained by the Ontario Liberals on June 7 represents a necessary cathartic exercise in democracy.
Ford’s alleged dog whistles and connections to the far-right will further embolden white supremacists and normalize hatred.
Declaring Ontario a sanctuary province would allow us to save on avoidable costs to the system while doing the right thing.
A fractured party means a fractured government in Ontario lacking the talent and focus required to deliver.
A Ford win in Ontario would bring right-wing extremists out of the shadows and into vying for the most powerful political offices in Canada.
The Committee's report smothers real action on Islamophobia under generalized concerns about religious discrimination overall.