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"Liberals should be very concerned. But the worst news here may be for the Conservatives."
The new numbers are more good news for Mulcair.
A new poll suggests the federal Conservatives have jumped four percentage points ahead of Liberals as Canadians weigh consistency
Two new federal polls are painting different pictures of Liberal fortunes at the conclusion of the fall session of Parliament
With the next federal election scheduled for October 15 of next year, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have reason to believe
The summer, Senate, and the smoking have not seemed to move the dial on voting intentions in Canada, as two new polls show
The Tories have cause for concern, according to a new poll. When EKOS asked Canadians which party they would vote for if
The Conservatives have increased their lead over the New Democrats in the first weeks of 2013, according to two new national
The summer has been good to Stephen Harper, at least according to a new poll that gives his Conservatives a sizeable lead
Polls this far out from the next election have little to say about what will happen when Canadians next cast their ballots
As MPs finish up their work on Parliament Hill before heading off for the summer, the New Democrats and Conservatives remain
The New Democrats have increased their lead over the governing Conservatives to four points according to a new survey. The
One year after Stephen Harper finally won a majority government, his party is down in the polls and plagued by allegations
As another poll pegs NDP and Tory support at almost dead even, the dividing line between supporters of the government and
Canadians are warming up to the New Democrats now that Thomas Mulcair has taken over the reins, with the party neck-and-neck
Despite Peter MacKay’s helicopter ride, admitting to spreading false rumours of an impending resignation of an MP in Montreal
If an election were held today, the Conservatives would probably lose their majority in the House of Commons. But the New