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The actress and ex Michael Sheen are serious #coparentinggoals.
It's simpler than you think.
Accepting that the marriage is really over is hard for many divorcing parents. In my case, although I initiated the split, I could only look sideways at myself as a soon-to-be-divorced woman. The pain surrounding that was too overpowering to take in all at once -- I felt it would have squashed me if I tried. So I got to know it gradually, with support, until I could stare it right in the eye.
“We are definitely a modern family.”
This is never a good idea.
Divorce is difficult on children. But done properly, they manage very well.
Ex spouses with children need to learn how to communicate in a way that will allow them to go forward as parenting-partners for their children. You never want your children to have to choose sides. So how can you go about becoming a better Co-parent and live in harmony?
When I tell people my co-parenting situation -- that I live next door to my ex-husband and his new wife -- I'm met with a
One parent who knows how to shake it is the First Lady, Michelle Obama. You want to watch her dance on YouTube. The clip shows her performing The Evolution of the Mom Dance with Jimmy Fallon on his late night show in honour of her 'Let's Move' campaign.