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The president violated copyright law, claims the company representing the parent, by using a video that Twitter had said was "manipulated" to make a political point.
Pot dispensaries like to play around with familiar brands. See if any of these look familiar to you.
Some 55,000 Canadians may soon be named in a “reverse class action" lawsuit for sharing movies online. For each violation, Voltage Pictures wants to extract up to $5,000 — the maximum amount allowed. Experts warn that the suit is part of a trend of "troll-type activity in Canada now that is driving normal people crazy," according to a report by The Globe and Mail.
The evidence suggests piracy is not hurting Canadian producers the way Bell's coalition would have you believe.
This provides a modern solution to promote the free flow of legal content in Canada, while making it harder for piracy sites to cause harm.
Canada's largest telco wants tougher new copyright laws written into NAFTA.
The company's copyright advocacy goes beyond what even some U.S. rights holders have called for.
They've already raided a Montreal man's home.
The digital era, it was believed, would usher in a utopia for both musicians and the consumer. But in reality, artists - the people who build our nation's cultural foundation and much of the intellectual property we export - now struggle more than ever to earn a living. The creative middle class has virtually ceased to exist.
It's happened an enormous amount recently and it grinds my gears. You may be asking, but isn't imitation the highest form of flattery? No, it's not. It's irritating as all hell.