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cord cutting

But there's one thing keeping many viewers from cutting the cord altogether.
Some U.S. TV shows could disappear from Canadian networks as U.S. broadcasters set up their own streaming services.
Still, the TV providers are hanging in there.
'Tis but a scratch!
The crux of the problem is that the same companies who control the distribution of television in Canada also create or licence programming, giving them a stranglehold on the medium AND the message. This means they have zero incentive to break up the cable bundle or go beyond the letter of CRTC regulation to actually provide or promote options that fit the lifestyle of today's consumers.
Streaming services really aren't hurting the cable giants too badly.
Some 190,000 Canadian homes ditched cable and satellite last year.
"There's nothing good on TV these days."
Canadian TV viewers have been ditching their cable and satellite TV subscriptions at a pace that’s nearly seven times faster
Canadian TV providers are losing customers six times faster this year than they did last year, according to new research
There has been “a sharp increase in prices” in telecom services, and with an economic slowdown and growing debt burdens hanging
Cord-cutting, combined with more consumer-friendly rules from the CRTC, will send Canada’s telecoms into a TV-services “bloodbath
For the first time ever, the number of households in Canada paying for TV has shrunk, raising the possibility that the phenomenon
Here’s some bad news for cable TV cord-cutters: You likely won’t be able to watch your favourite TV shows (legally) online
Rogers is gearing up to cut off millions of hockey fans from being able to watch Hockey Night in Canada online. Bell and Rogers are using their power and control over our media options to force Canadians into subscribing to what many now view as the outdated medium of TV.
Canadian media insiders are confident that cord-cutting poses no real threat to the country’s cable television business for
Five of Canada’s largest cable and satellite TV providers saw a drop in subscribers in the second quarter of 2013, Ottawa
UPDATE: Twitter Canada's official launch Thursday in Toronto wasn't about wooing more Canadians onto the social media platform
A growing number of Canadians may be ditching their cable and satellite services, but there are plenty of others to take
Ms. Diaz Halminen, whose family gets by with a digital antenna, an Apple TV and a Netflix subscription, is among a new breed