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Covid vaccine

George McMahon and Alphonse Dorval are two of the thousands of Ontarians who died late in the second wave.
Taking neighbourhood into account would save 10 per cent more lives, scientists say.
The U.S. has vaccinated 51 million people. Two million people have been vaccinated across Canada.
When it comes to COVID-19 vaccines, the U.S. is winning.
British Columbia is delaying second doses in order to get more people their first shot.
People with a recent history of homelessness are 20 times more likely to be hospitalized from COVID-19.
Emergency services fielded hundreds of calls Wednesday.
Ontario now has a more detailed rollout plan, with sign-ups starting March 15.
One union says its nurse was asked to inoculate board member, family and friends of management at a nursing home.
A nurse was also asked to vaccinate “family members and friends of several managers,” the union says.
With a gaping void of trust between Indigenous communities and the government — chiefs, MPPs, and other leaders are stepping in.
Alberta Health Services says residents over the age of 75 are being targeted by the calls.
The program is largely meant to help developing nations access vaccines.
The Montreal facility where COVID-19 vaccines could be produced is still under construction.
COVID-19 ripped through Roberta Place like wildfire, infecting all but two residents.
This affects not only who will get the vaccine and when, but also who will be permitted to administer the vaccine to your community.
The general population will likely not be vaccinated before mid-2022, a new report says.
How were they developed so quickly? Should you get vaccinated if you’re pregnant?