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credit score

Plan ahead when buying a home to save yourself time and stress.
"I have a credit record for my phone bill but not my rent.”
A poor credit score could hurt you, but there's a way to change that.
Canada’s five largest banks announced they would cut interest rates for some customers in response to COVID-19.
This free first step available online lets you know how much you can afford.
The younger generation has the digital tools to analyze their finances.
Some employers may look at your credit score when applying for certain jobs.
A good credit score can mean the difference between your loan being approved or denied.
November was Financial Literacy Month in Canada, a time for all Canadians to focus on better management of our individual financial goals. Credit plays an important role in living a focused and healthy financial life. Having good credit will help you qualify for a loan, mortgage, or credit card.
Many newcomers to Canada are surprised at how important credit scores are, or how they work. The credit system in Canada may not always take into account financial history in another country and the concept of building a credit history can be unfamiliar, especially in places where cash or your bank balance is the most important financial consideration.