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Her workout video has over six million views.
Because real men dance to Beyoncé.
Mandy Gill is a survivor and a dynamic entrepreneur. She recovered from anorexia and found strength in Crossfit and landed
Have you ever wondered how empowering it would feel to make a commitment to yourself in fitness and/or nutrition and fully follow through with it? Forget resolutions, forget starting Monday. You are fully capable of becoming fitter, faster, losing weight, gaining weight, running a half-marathon.
I love CrossFit -- it's the only sport I know where the loudest cheers are for the last to finish. There is something magical about knowing that you are doing the same workout as people all over the world. Solidarity sweating breaks down geographical and language barriers - it is an amazing way to empathize and relate to others.
Seems like everyone is doing CrossFit these days. But you might wonder, is it safe? There is ample evidence that supports
What Exactly Is HIIT? HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. There are lots of incarnations — think Tabata or
Push yourself in the weight room. If you want results, you have to. No argument there. But where do we draw the line? I can't say I'm eager to see the results of pushing far beyond typical thresholds on someone's body.
CrossFit boasts more than 10 million followers and recently inked a decade-long multi-million dollar deal with Reebok to