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Netflix and other streaming video services should be required to report Canadian subscription data and customers’ viewing
Why is the CRTC focusing on vertically integrated companies rather than on Netflix? It comes down to competition. Rather than viewing Netflix as a threat, the CRTC rightly sees it as a pro-competitive entrant that creates more consumer choice and forces others to innovate. Its real concern lies with the vertically integrated companies, who may find it in their interests to create competitive barriers since increased consumer choice could be viewed as a threat to their broadcast interests.
U.S. broadcasters are so concerned by the possibility Canada will switch to a pick-and-pay system for cable TV channels that
The only time people aren't complaining about government regulation is when they are complaining about the lack of regulation! When Netflix speaks against regulations, they do so out of two motives. One, as a corporate entity that wants nothing to interfere with their profits. But secondly, as an American company.
Last week's very public fight between the CRTC and Netflix escalated on Monday as Netflix refused to comply with Commission's order to supply certain confidential information including subscriber numbers and expenditures on Canadian children's content. While the disclosure concerns revolve around the confidentiality of the data, the far bigger issue is now whether the CRTC has the legal authority to order it to do anything at all.
GATINEAU, Que. — Canada’s television regulator, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, starts public
The CBC and Netflix have found themselves on opposite sides in a battle over the future of funding for Canadian content. The
Video streaming services like Netflix should be required to contribute money to Canadian content producers, and Canadians
2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpg In topsy-turvy CRTC world, however, culture is not something that sprouts organically from the bottom up, it's imposed from the top down by an entitled clique of cable companies and heavily-subsidized artists who believe patriotism requires watching and buying whatever junk they produce. And if the people won't, the state should make 'em. It's a fine opinion to have, I guess. It's certainly the argument that seems to have won the day. Just don't expect any normal Canadian to say it -- ever.