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CUPE’s 55,000 non-teaching staff could strike as early as Monday.
The work-to-rule campaign for custodians, education assistants, librarians and secretaries is escalating.
Laura Walton says Ontario Premier Doug Ford's PC government hasn't been willing to negotiate.
Capital gains taxes are the biggest problem, Toby Sanger says.
Few make the connection between preserving and sustaining our global environmental commons and growing our common wealth. The only way we can sustainably improve the standard of living for all is by expanding the collective public goods and services that we share, instead of through profit-driven production.
CUPE's president says the union will support the NDP in the election.
If you're a Vancouver property taxpayer, a chill should be running down your spine.
Israel is very relevant to Olivia Chow's candidacy because some of the major proponents of the "Israel as apartheid state" and the BDS movement are key supporters of Olivia Chow and with whom she is identified. It is now time for Ms. Chow to take responsibility for her silence.
It's an all-too-regular occurrence in this province. Government employees, whipped up by their union leaders, marching against whatever economic development opportunity is being proposed. Pipelines to the coast? Opposed. Gas exploration? Opposed. Companies creating investment revenue for pensions? Opposed. New mine? Opposed. Coal exports? Opposed. But what if government employees had a direct financial stake in the economy doing better than expected? Would they be more willing to consider ways to grow the economy? It's an interesting premise, and one the B.C. government will test in the next round of collective bargaining.