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"Sorry 'bout that. That was uncalled for."
Brushing is KEY.
#4. They don't think skipping is effeminate.
Canada defeated Great Britain Friday to take the Olympic gold in men's curling. Brad Jacobs and his team from Sault Ste. Marie
Canada captured Olympic gold in women's curling Thursday. Jennifer Jones and her team from Winnipeg defeated Sweden 6-3 to
Who says you need snow and ice to get into the Winter Olympic spirit? Brazilian brothers Paulo and Alberto showed that when
Now, let's be clear -- we are not talking mere encouraging chants, or lively calls. For the athletes, the shouting is an all-out, intense, battle cry of exchanges that echo around the arena. At least one imagines it echoes, but cannot be sure as the cheering crowd often drowns out the play with their own fervor.
Ah curling, the second-most beautiful game on ice (sorry ringette). On the surface it looks like a glorified version of shuffleboard
If this was Brazil and someone had cancelled soccer, we'd be taking to the streets in protest. If this was Texas and someone had cancelled football, we'd be chaining ourselves to the league's headquarters in protest. With no end in sight to the NHL lockout, maybe it's time for Canadians to make the ultimate protest -- just switch ice sports. It's a radical idea, but it has merit. Hear me out.