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daily workout

Whether you work at a desk all day or are constantly using your body for your job, you know the upper body, from your arms
Happy last day of January! Depending on your level of commitment, you either (a) feel really amazing about your health right
THE GOAL: Strengthening the muscles used most often in skiing to prevent injuries, minimize soreness and have the best possible
THE GOAL: To optimize functional performance by targeting core areas negatively affected by prolonged seated posture and
THE GOAL: To increase muscle strength, endurance, and anaerobic capacity THE EXPERT: Lance Barrett, head trainer at Elite
THE GOAL: Losing weight and building muscle after having a baby THE EXPERT:Valerie Latona, former editor-in-chief of Shape
THE GOAL: Improve balance and posture by strengthening core and muscles THE EXPERT: Marci Figuer, personal trainer and owner
THE GOAL: Toning your arms THE EXPERT: Alex Savva, founder of CircuitFIT in Toronto. THE INFO: Many of us may complain about
THE GOAL: Strengthening butt muscles to tighten and lift your rear THE EXPERT: Amber Joliat, teacher, yogi and owner of Misfit
THE GOAL: Strengthening your chest (with the bonus of increased upper body strength and potentially lifting up breasts and
THE GOAL: Losing fat on your triceps, or "batwings" THE EXPERT: Dr. Craig McNamee and Dr. Adam Reynold, personal trainer
THE GOAL: Sculpt quadriceps and elongate thigh muscles THE EXPERT: Leah Sarago, creator of Ballet Body. These exercises come
THE GOAL: Losing weight around your waist and lower stomach, or "muffin top" THE EXPERT: Vanessa Ast-Biller, personal trainer
THE GOAL: Improving your posture and getting "taller" THE EXPERT: Brent Bishop, celebrity trainer, on-air fitness expert
THE GOAL: Losing the last five (or 10) pounds THE EXPERT:Equinox Fitness THE INFO: When all you have left to lose are those
THE GOAL: Toning your legs THE EXPERT: Lacey Kondi, founder and creator of Kondi Fitness and, Vancouver
THE GOAL: Toning your whole body THE EXPERT:Eva Redpath, Nike Canada’s NTC master trainer THE INFO: It's not always easy
THE GOAL: Building and maintaining muscle tone THE EXPERT: Jenn Zerling, author of Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools
The new year is the time to take on new challenges, so for the month of January and beyond, The Huffington Post Canada's
When I told my co-workers I was excited to work out during my vacation, I was met with shock! But a break from work doesn't need to mean a break from exercise. Understanding workouts as an obligation or as drudgery just sets one up for failure both during our daily lives, and on vacation. We should all "re-frame" how we understand workouts during our everyday life.