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Darrell Dexter

What went wrong for the NDP? In the aftermath of their stunning 2009 win, their popularity dramatically slipped. The NDP became the first government in Nova Scotia, in 131 years, to not win a second term, being relegated to third place in the Nova Scotia Legislature.
2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpg With the defeat of the NDP government of Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter on Tuesday, the number of provinces ruled by Canada's New Democrats now consists entirely of lonely Manitoba. The unfair reality remains that by virtue of their party's radical anti-capitalist past and confused kinda-socialist-kinda-not present, New Democrats automatically carry the heavy burden of being persistently least-trusted by the general public to run a modern, free-market economy.
Like Bob Rae's accidental NDP government in Ontario that was also soundly rejected by Ontarians in 1995, the NDP in Nova Scotia became a government that was arrogant and incompetent. This was even truer when it came to justice and equality issues, particularly its treatment of children of African ancestry at a Dartmouth orphanage who have for years alleged sexual and physical abuse.
Nova Scotians head to the polls next week and, barring a dramatic change of fortunes, the Liberals under Stephen McNeil will
The Saskatchewan Party has launched a political advertisement against the new leader of the Saskatchewan NDP and Leader of the Official Opposition, Cam Broten. The advertisement attempts to tether Broten to the previous NDP leader, Dwain Lingenfelter, and to the party's 2011 First Nations resource revenue sharing policy.
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One of the provinces expected to be going to the polls soon may boot out its incumbent government, as voters in Nova Scotia
"...Nova Scotia Premier, Darrell Dexter, does not care about black people." As hyperbolic as that statement is, dumbfounded à la Kanye West was my initial disposition after reading articles I recently came across chronicling a brewing controversy in Nova Scotia's current electoral reform process.
Three of Atlantic Canada's four premiers may hold a wide lead over their nearest rival but Canadians on the East Coast are