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data breach

Here are 4 tips to keep your personal data safe.
The credit rating agency says it has informed the people potentially affected, as well as Canada's privacy commissioners.
Companies aren't taking security seriously, a privacy expert warns.
Captial One is the latest financial institution where Canadians have seen their personal information compromised.
On Consumer Rights Day, we're reminded that the digital marketplace is where scams, fraud and identity theft flourish.
Government websites, small businesses, school boards, public health organizations — all are potential targets.
Individuals and organizations that follow good cyber hygiene practices have more peace of mind. It is no different than monitoring your health and scheduling your automobile's maintenance. People who practice good cyber hygiene habits get more done, are happier and spend less time troubleshooting because they have fewer surprises.
The ID Card, known as the BC Services Card, has been rolling out since February, and it combines both the drivers license and the provincial health care card, with lots more to come. If you are concerned about the implications for our privacy and our pocketbooks, you should definitely put your opinions to the consultation panel -- but hurry: the deadline for submissions is Nov. 27.