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David Suzuki

Trying to figure out whether peanut butter is Canadian almost broke her, but she answered correctly.
Alberta’s incoming premier is seemingly no fan of the David Suzuki Foundation or Leadnow.
Despite the political need to do more, to put it bluntly, you have to make the best of what is available.
Research indicates a 24 to 50 per cent risk of southern resident orca extinction this century if conditions don't change.
In Angel Gurria we have one of the world's most influential economists urging dramatic climate action, including a higher, and rising, price on carbon.
Canada must meet its commitments to reduce greenhouse gases and improve relations with Indigenous Peoples.
To people like Stephen Harper, the economy is more important than the air that provides weather and climate, and enables us to live
Any real comparison between oilsands and lithium batteries shows that oilsands products are by far the most destructive.
When we look back on Canada's 150 years, it's important to think about the trailblazers who dared to think and act differently
Environment activist says Ontario MP knows how to build bridges.
Political representatives have given us an ambitious agenda for the next 15 years, but it's up to us all to respond.
We've all taken a walk in nature and experienced the relaxing and often regenerating, healing impact it can have on us, right?
Can you guess who these famous Canadians are?
The benefits of increased cycling go beyond reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
Around 250 people die each year waiting for an organ transplant.
We cannot spend tens of millions of dollars promoting a low carbon future while also spending tens of millions promoting extractives. With the Agreement in full force, Canada can pivot its approach to international assistance to reflect real policy coherence. We need to support small-scale, decentralized clean energy programs that promote pro-poor, gender sensitive projects.
David Suzuki thinks inaction on climate change is serious enough to land you in jail — and he'd like to see former prime
Canada fell woefully short of 2012 emissions targets and in December 2011 became the only country to pull out of Kyoto, the world's only binding climate treaty. That was in the dark decade of Stephen Harper. Prime Minister Trudeau led a younger, far more optimistic and enlightened entourage to Paris.
The suffering we're witnessing because of loss of land, culture, ways of life and identity may portend what is to come for all of us. Now is the time to come together and decide how we will respond. Let's make sure it's the best humanity has to offer.
With world leaders now meeting in Paris for the UN Climate Change Conference, we're seeing signs of hope for an agreement to limit the escalating effects of global warming. Canadians, especially, have reason to be optimistic about our country's role.