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The former romcom star has become Hollywood's second-highest paid star. What went so right?
The "Deadpool" actor said the petition was "very kind."
“If there’s ever a fire, I’m grabbing this first.”
The Canadians are nominated for wildly different movies.
"Women love f*cking superhero movies!"
So ... what are YOU doing for Valentine's Day?
Trailer proves Deadpool really is The Merc With A Mouth.
A spectacular action scene unfolds on the city's Georgia Viaduct, which was closed for several days.
The boy said he wanted to meet Deadpool because he "never dies and everything he touches has magical powers."
"It's not every day you get to ask the Mayor about building a gigantic waterslide from Whistler to Vancouver."
Actor Ryan Reynolds politely tweeted his thanks to commuters.
The actor is filming "Deadpool," which is shutting down a busy roadway for several days.