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It's not an easy conversation to have with loved ones, but it's necessary.
Our fear of death disconnects us from our families and friends, when one of the good things about it is how it brings us together.
We pay tribute to Alex Trebek, a prime minister, a rock star, an award-winning actress, and trailblazing athletes.
There are ways to support them and help them understand, even during a pandemic.
Funeral home staff are providing a front-line service during the COVID-19 pandemic, but they face unique challenges.
Devastating cancer diagnoses and critical diseases do not stop for a pandemic.
The prime minister called the situation “heartbreak on top of other heartbreaks.”
Our expert breaks it down for you step-by-step.
It's excruciating not to be able to be with someone you love when they're sick.
There's a variety of online options, say a death doula and a funeral director.