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City council unanimously passed a motion to decriminalize simple possession of illicit drugs in November.
He also defended Julie Payette as an “excellent” Governor General.
The move comes as Canada grapples with a devastating opioid crisis amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Green Party Leader Elizabeth May says it's necessary to decriminalize illicit drugs.
He wants a policy similar to Portugal’s to make it into the Liberals’ election platform.
It's a difference of opinion with the party's own members.
We urge you to be the progressive government you promised to be, choosing human rights and evidence-based policy over ideological relics.
The current proposal is a recipe for public health and safety chaos.
Monopolizing alcohol sales hasn't worked. Monopolizing marijuana sales won't, either. Why go down that road when we can avoid it in the first place?
"This does not sound to me like a criminal justice problem."