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Deepak Obhrai

The MP passed away from liver cancer surrounded by his family in Calgary.
Attitudes to non-white newcomers are poised to become ballot box issues, a new poll suggests.
A resolution targeting so-called 'birth tourism' passed at convention.
Brad Trost, Deepak Obhrai also fail to make team.
Some seemed to tell delegates they have no chance of winning.
He's been one of the celebrity businessman’s fiercest critics.
The Canadian government should be receptive to renegotiating NAFTA to include gradual changes to supply management, but this must be done in consultation with Canadian farmers. Having a long-term strategy to increase dairy trade with the U.S., while still protecting Canadian farmers and their livelihoods, is a win-win situation.
I am here because I care about the future of the Conservative party and Canada, and I am exercising my right to participate in our democracy! Win or lose is not the point. My voice is valuable in this race.
"Fresh and wholesome, just like the Conservative Party of Canada."
What needs to be made clear is that most Canadians challenging this motion are not challenging the issues facing the Muslim communities, or that racism does not exist; what they are uncomfortable with in this motion is the fact that it is favouring one community over others.