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The age of rapid money-printing and low interest rates could come to an end very abruptly.
There are some concerns on the federal budget watchdog's mind.
Good news for the global economy is bad news for borrowers.
Weaker economy will take a bite out of government revenue.
The news came as a surprise: Quebec now has a budget surplus. This is good news for a province that writes most of its budget in red ink. While this surplus is cause for celebration, already many commentators have proposed that it be "re-invested." Re-investment, of course, is code for more spending.
Yes folks, we’ve become the Luke Skywalker of the world economy.
The first budget delivered by the Liberals signaled a return to 1970s Trudeaupian Liberalism, not just with its flagrant disregard for balanced budgets and ballooning debt, but also by disregarding a core accountability under our Constitution: Canada's military.
"What we showed Canadians was that we are going to do what we said we were going to do."
For all the teachers out there who go the extra mile for their students.