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The government's online conduct discourages free speech, while doctors have found themselves #BlockedByShandro.
I'm one of many young voters whose first election experience has been defined by strategic voting.
The party nomination process is notoriously secretive. But should it be?
Right now, the crucial move is to restore "representation" to our representative democracy.
Democracy was supposed to be the political solution to our problems, but we somehow don't seem to believe in it enough anymore.
While we have democracy in theory and a democratic process, we do not have democracy in practice.
The Republican Party in America appears to be slowly losing whatever cohesion it may have possessed prior to Donald Trump's remarkable election win last November.
Faced with a choice between prosperity and stability for Hong Kong or sovereignty over it, Beijing will always opt for the latter — no matter what the cost.
Can we become more? To answer that question we require a good understanding of who we are and what our world has become.
Cause and effect. Action, reaction. Trump just couldn't keep his mouth shut - he just couldn't keep his stubby little thumbs away from Twitter - and he made things markedly worse for himself by threatening Mueller. Same thing happened with Comey.