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democratic reform

The decision to abandon their electoral reform pledge was reached after a two-hour discussion in January.
The Liberal minister says a referendum isn't the best way to engage in a discussion.
Minister Maryam Monsef joined a digital town hall hosted by The Huffington Post Canada.
"Sunny ways." The term crystallized Justin Trudeau's victory in 2015. His campaign was well run, and Trudeau successfully siphoned support from the right- and left-wing parties in Canada, ushering in what was supposed to be a new way of doing politics. But Trudeau has stumbled.
Nathan Cullen suggests Liberals don't want to know what voters really want.
Conservative MPs question if Grit supporters wanted electoral reform.
“I don’t think the support of all the other parties is sufficient when it comes to this,” said Scott Reid.
Prime Minister Trudeau's preferred method of elections, a ranked ballot system where you would indicate your first and second preferences down to last preference that would effectively put the Conservative Party of Canada on the path to irrelevance, is of concern.