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Denis Coderre

Taxes on sugary drinks have a negligible impact on consumption. The information blitz preceding them is another story.
To the public decision-makers who may not have gotten the message: Albertan oil sands development is profitable for Quebec, and Quebecers want Albertan oil.
The video is reminiscent of former Toronto mayor Rob Ford's biggest scandal.
Driving in Montreal has become a serious headache -- although that may be what some politicians and activists want, judging by a recent report from the Office de consultation publique de Montréal calling for a drastic reduction in parking spots to make driving... even less attractive and efficient in Montreal.
After moving to ban plastic bags by 2018, Mayor Denis Coderre hasn't announced any firm game plan on the bottle issue.
My blog post last week (I Support The Energy East Pipeline As A Pragmatic Environmentalist) made quite a splash resulting in me receiving a lot of both positive and negative feedback. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the negative feedback consisted of unsupported and/or unsupportable "facts" about the proposal.
I respect the social conservative viewpoint but believe an insistence on it alienates a new generation of conservatives and winning potential. The conservative movement cannot afford to sacrifice the added value of this generation in lieu of social conservative ideological purity. To do so confines the movement to its base, and opposition.
I know that the term "ethical oil" has some blemishes on it because of issues surrounding its origin, but I believe in the concept behind the term. I want my personal gasoline purchases to go towards subsidizing medicare and not subsidizing a despot or paying for a tyrant to bomb his neighbour.
The Montreal mayor held a meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday.
The Tory leader says it's not just about transporting oil.