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diet and nutrition

The role that Canada's food guide has embraced is rife with food judgment, weight stigma and old science
I am worried for my profession because people don't need more food shaming information.
We asked a dietitian if the vegan/paleo mashup makes nutritional sense.
The genesis of much of the poor nutrition in our communities begins with the history of residential schools.
It might be time to try an approach based on physiology — one supported by plenty of scientific evidence and by hundreds of doctors like us.
There are definitely positives, but you should be aware of the negatives too.
The calorie as a measure of food energy is inaccurate and variable.
From ice cream to smoothies to yes, waffles -- activated charcoal is popping up all over the place.
While you should avoid some fats completely, others are good for you to eat (in moderation).
The differences between a peach and a nectarine can be a little fuzzy. After all, these two relatives of the almond taste very much alike. But fans of nectarines favour the stone fruit for its smooth skin and smaller pit. The cherry on top is that nectarines are nutritional powerhouses for older adults.