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digital detox

It can be about breaking your own habits as much as theirs.
I'm a mother of three young children, I have an executive husband that travels often for work, I have no family living nearby to help out. I have a lot of good reasons to say "I'm so busy." But the truth is, there are windows in my day for slowing down.
If play opens people up, will they be more receptive to dry or challenging topics? I believe that the philosophy of health can be covertly inserted into play like a soldier hiding in a Trojan horse. In fact, didn't our parents send us out to play but were actually getting us to exercise?
This cleanse is really the easiest thing I have ever done. I chose to do it while I was on vacation with my family, but it is equally amenable to a cooler, snowier climate. It helped me shed pounds, increase my focus and re-invigorate my passion for career and family. Do you want in?
What are the two most valuable personal resources in the world today? I've come to believe that the most precious of personal assets are time and attention. Not sure you agree? Let me make my case.
It's a Thursday night in Tel Aviv and despite my best efforts to dress for hours of bar hopping, I feel incredibly naked. Wallet? Yup. Underwear? Oh yeah. Shoes? I've got both of them. The one thing I'm missing is my phone.
Smartphones. iPads. Laptops. More and more Canadians are leaving the house with at least one of these devices each day. As
In an age where a traveller's phone is also their GPS, their boarding pass and their camera, the thought of leaving your phone at home while abroad seems almost crazy.
They love posting countless selfies and pictures of food, babies and pets. Or maybe they're the more passive digital technology
To travel today often means to travel with a smartphone. Like a trusted friend, your smartphone knows where to go, where