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digital divide

This will take them way beyond fixing your computer for you.
In the lowest income quartile, 27 per cent of people don't have internet access, compared to only five per cent in Canada's richest bracket. During a time in which cars can drive themselves and Uber will deliver you lunch, this divide is a huge problem -- a problem Canada's government has been slow to address.
We don't need an official study to tell us that digital media affects our relationships, although there are many. When we're online 24/7, it's pretty clear that it's going to influence our offline lives too. Digital media is creating a huge disconnect between us that's not going away.
Question: How much do you pay for 10 gigabytes of data and unlimited calling in Ontario? Answer: Just about double what it
Providing the resources and platforms for consumers to create has become an embedded part of how people consume. Organizations, no matter the industry, cannot ignore the importance of collaboration and co-creation. We are no longer the experts who can dictate what people want. We are now the apprentices to a very large population of mentors.
Despite its successes, Digital Canada 150 ultimately suffers from some notable omissions. For a strategy document, it is curiously lacking in actual strategy. The government updates Canadians on what it has done and provides some insight into what it plans to do, but there are few new strategies articulated.
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Admit it: the last time you lost internet connectivity on the subway for 10 minutes, you didn't know what to do with yourself. It's easy to forget in our world of instant connectivity that more than two-thirds of the global population still don't have access to the Internet. There are two billion people online now, but a whopping 5 billion more are expected to come online within the decade. This tidal wave of new participation will create sizable opportunities and likely a few pressure points.
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Canada has some of the slowest internet speeds in the developed world. According to data from broadband research company