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“It’s people with disabilities that are most vulnerable to COVID-19.”
Twenty-five dogs and handlers graduated this year.
A win for showcasing diverse images of girls and women.
Enrica Andrenacci is an artist, writer, soccer player and more, pursuing her dreams with gumption and drive.
We still have Paralympians in Pyeongchang representing Canada in ways that are just as, if not more, inspiring than athletes over the past several weeks.
Let's not let our celebrations of increasing visibility detract from the other hard work that is still to be done.
By ignoring the rehabilitation needs of our patients with disabilities, this national discussion fails them.
The hashtag #InvisiblyDisabledLooksLike has been used over 3,000 times.
We, the disability family, have been an afterthought -- for governments, service agencies and organizations -- for far too long. Our opinions have been sidelined, our emotions trivialized, our needs prescribed and our resources shuttered.
Even a few minutes of putting oneself in another person's shoes (or wheelchair) could make a big difference. Accessibility is a right. Just by being born we all have human rights. We don't need to do or be anything special. Equality is - or should be - ours, just because we exist.