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U.S. pediatricians point to mounting evidence in a new policy statement.
You shouldn't feel like you're constantly walking on eggshells.
Harsh consequences, punishments and warnings may backfire with challenging, highly reactive kids.
Their generation handled things very differently from ours.
I think we all need to give kids some grace in knowing that trying lying on for size is a part of youth.
With three kids in tow, fun dining out in restaurants seems like a distant memory.
On our first day of dance classes, my husband and I found ourselves in a large high school gymnasium with about 50 other couples. The teacher demonstrated something and instructed us to repeat. It seemed simple enough so we followed the instructions and immediately started blaming each other for our failure to look like Fred and Ginger. We tried again and failed again.
No child deserves to be hit. There are things that children do that anger parents, or that put the child or others at risk, or are socially unacceptable, but there is never a reason to hit another human being to discipline or teach. What does this mean, in plain language? It means parents should not be allowed to hit or spank their children.
Entitled individuals can bob and weave their way through life deftly in large part because those of us around them allow it to happen. We enable that action. We are all guilty of enabling in one form or another -- however, small or large that enablement.