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divorce advice

Ending a marriage can be a complicated process.
Once divorced, parents must look through a new lens to see how they can continue their efforts in the immense family change.
Maybe this breaking point in your life is an opportunity for you to get to know yourself, possibly for the first time in your life.
We want to prepare and protect our child against something dangerous. Our protective role is clear. So the truly complicating factor that makes talking to your children about divorce so difficult is that the parents are the source of the pain.
Can you still make this work?
From starting the legal process to adjusting to life after the fact.
But with some work you can save your relationship too!
Twenty years after my divorce, I can remember -- vividly -- the books that saved me during those early days of finding my way alone. Each book gave me something- the language, hope, and understanding- to help me process the trauma. Millions of people experience the pain of divorce each year.
Twenty-five years ago I would have told you I was the luckiest woman in the world. I was married to my best friend who I adored and had two wonderful sons. I had it all including the home and picket fence. As it turned out, there was no luck in my marriage. The marital secrets he revealed crippled me emotionally for years after the breakup.