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The buzzy documentary is officially coming to Canada.
Long before the shocking doc, "Leaving Neverland" aired, the singer was late-night talk-show fodder.
Soon I was following my father's hard-learned bushcraft skills in the unforgiving setting of the Duck Mountains of the Manitoba wilderness.
Credit: Shahzadi Devje Celebrity chef, Charles Mattocks is on a mission to change the face of diabetes. Nephew of the late
For Toronto-based landscape architect and filmmaker Joseph Clement, the man makes the house -- but the house reveals the
Watching the CBC's 10-part television series Canada: The Story Of Us had me figuratively scratching my head. It left me flabbergasted and astounded. Critics have decried the series' anglo-centric slant on history. Respect should come from all sides, beginning with cordiality, recognition and representation.
In March 2014, Mustafa heard three bombs near his home in Sheran located in the province of Aleppo, Syria. At that precise moment, he knew his biggest fear was real: ISIS was at their door. This was his tipping point; his family packed a few belongings and tried fleeing to Turkey.
I'm lucky -- I work super-hard to be lucky but, still, I'm lucky. Why? Because I get to see the greatest exhibitions on the
Recently, the Jewish world paid homage to the Holocaust through Yom Ha'shoah -- The Day of Remembrance. On this day and others
I love film festivals and love documentary films even more. I find this genre of movies more engaging and interesting that major box office flicks. They matter, and here's why.