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Donald Trump

The former president told radio host Hugh Hewitt that although he would be "entitled" to get back at his haters, "I wouldn’t do that.”
The late-night host turned Trump's new promise into a mocking title.
"It's very weird to see Donald Trump just out there campaigning for president as if he didn't orchestrate a coup."
A lawyer for President Biden’s son asked the Justice Department to investigate close Trump allies, saying they accessed and disseminated personal data from his laptop.
Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R-Pa.) just kept stepping in it as he tried to get the California Democrat to condemn people admired by the former GOP president.
The coup-attempting former president saw no real bump from his campaign announcement, and did not raise much more than he did from his NFT sale.
The Florida governor, who won reelection in November by almost 20 percentage points, is considered one of the key challengers Trump could face in 2024.
While Lindell was stuck inside the claw machine, Kimmel told him the truth about Donald Trump.
The former president used to have a very different opinion of people who invoked the constitutional right.