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Donald Trump

Canada’s public sector pension board invested US$4.7 million last year in companies that operate immigrant detention centres.
The former president's second impeachment trial begins in the Senate on Tuesday.
A fear of retaliation against Canada previously restrained the process.
A new U.S. president is in the Oval Office but the same protectionist policies will likely remain.
He called for national unity as Donald Trump's rocky presidency came to an end.
The U.S. president granted clemency to 143 names just hours before his tenure in the White House ends.
First ladies have welcomed each other for more than a century.
The late Canadian "Jeopardy!" host is part of a wide-ranging list of figures.
The prime minister said “extremists will not succeed in overruling the will of the people.”
“Hate knows no borders,” the NDP leader said in a statement.
Inside the U.S. Capitol building, police officers fired off tear gas.
Vice President Mike Pence has been rushed from the Senate chamber where the election certification process was underway.
"In this battle for the soul of America, democracy prevailed."
Americans' perception of government has suffered as its role shifted from caring about people to promoting dog-eat-dog capitalism.
And the majority of Canadians surveyed want the border closed until at least the spring.
When the United States' reputation took a hit under Donald Trump, I felt it every day.
The elections authority was trying to debunk the very conspiracy theories Trump has promoted.
Better than Trump? Almost certainly. Perfect? Not likely.
I'm a Democrat, they're Republicans. Healing the political divide will be America's next challenge.