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donald trump muslim ban

There are those who dismiss President Donald Trump's travel ban as an everyday security policy. I say by proposing it in the first place, and by arguing for it so vehemently in the face of massive, vocal opposition, the Oval Office is betraying America's commitment to be "the home of the brave."
"It is very cruel for leaders, or even citizens, to say we cannot take in these refugees, we've done enough."
“To say we are open, we are an inclusive society, we welcome Muslims and refugees here, you have a home here, that needs to be backed up."
The prime minister says he's balancing a "double-role."
Faizal Khamisa's tweet sums up the terrifying effect of the Quebec City mosque attack.
Ruling allows those who hold green cards, visas to enter the country.
"No hate, no fear, refugees are welcome here."
Syrian refugees have been banned from the United States.